Steel Forged Product Production

In addition to the products we regularly manufacture , we perform steel forged product production upon orders.

By establishing the steel forging facility in 2006, we’ve started giving more competitive and quality service to our customers in flange production. Our company makes the molds of all products, of which she makes the production, in her organization with CAD/CAM software and processing centers.

In the steel forging facility, our main products, flanges, are produced and automotive, railway and agriculture sectors are also served.
Our facility has the capacity of forging, shot blasting and processing parts with a weight of 1.5 kg - 25 kg and with various sizes.

We serve especially the important sectors like automotive and tractor sectors, which require strength and power in the products.


As you convey your orders to our customer representatives, your orders will be delivered efficiently, fast, and in due time according to our customer satisfaction target.


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  • We serve our customers with carbon steel forged flanges and butt welding fittings products, which we make the production with the mission of being one of the leader institution, which creates value added in the sector with experience and knowledge accumulation on the installation materials for many years.